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Interview with Session College for Professional Design

Recently, Sessions College conducted an interview with me about some recent artwork of mine that is being displayed. There is some practical advice in there as well as some real-world experience stories. Click for a transcript of that interview.

For those that are interested in a career in graphic design, is a good place to go, especially if you require your education to be internet-based. I graduated in December of 2014 and feel that it was a very good experience. Going in, I knew very little about graphic design and coming out, I knew a great deal - with practical experience.

Like any other endeavor, you get out what you put into it. So, if you give Sessions a try, put your heart and soul into it and you'll be rewarded accordingly. This chapter includes strategies www.buyessayonline.ninja/ for studying efficiently and managing your time?


The Road Least Traveled

Just how hard is it to make the NBA (National Basketball Association)? Further, how hard is it to make a career out of the NBA? It's much, much more difficult than you might think.

I examine rookie Jarnell Stokes' rise through high school, college and finally the NBA. Does he have what it takes to stay in the NBA or will he wash out like so many others?

Click to read the article on Statistics Views. It should spyappsinsider.com/ take about 10 seconds to uninstall or disable each app you dont want


Making the top 10 on Statistics Views

My "Swallowing the Bitter Pill: England, the Premier League and the World Cup" made the top 10 most accessed articles on for 2014. If you haven't had a chance to read it, click . essaynara.com


The Rise of the Samurai Pitcher

Since the early 90s, Japanese pitchers have been infiltrating Major League Baseball. Starting with Hideo Nomo through Masahiro Tanaka (NY Yankees), they've made their mark. For better or worse, they are here to stay.

What's behind this trend? How did it get started?

And just who *are* these guys anyway?

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Swallowing the Bitter Pill: England, the Premier League and the World Cup

England - the country that invented association football (soccer). Steeped in pride and history, the English national team has struggled at the World Cup.

Some blame the Premier League.

Some blame the players.

Some blame English culture.

The topic is hot and the 2014 World cup is upon us. Sports fans in England are frustrated and anxious. Is England up for the challenge this year? Check out the article . It should spyappsinsider.com/ take about 10 seconds to uninstall or disable each app you dont want


Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust: How the NFL evolved from run, run, run to pass, pass, pass.

It's Super Bowl Sunday and I can't think of a better date to share my published on January 31, 2014 on Statistics Views titled "Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust: The Evolution of Passing in the NFL". Did you know that passing wasn't even legal in football until 1906? Did you further know that it was first put in as a way to reduce the number of deaths occurring in the game?

Once passing was introduced, it was only a matter of time before coaches created new ways to utilize this powerful attack. Over the years, it has transformed the offensive game from a running attack to a passing attack, elevating the quarterback as master and commander of the football field. Check out the story . This chapter includes strategies www.buyessayonline.ninja/ for studying efficiently and managing your time?


Graphs and Journalism

It's a pet peeve of mine when I see news articles out there which reference data without graphing it. In other words, show me a picture when you mention a bunch of numbers. Otherwise, I have to try and comb through the article without any visual aids to help my understanding of it. It's my hope that larger news sites will begin to hire data visualization folks to provide a graphical view of these types of articles.

Here is one such about childhood abdominal pains and adulthood depression that, while well-written, could have used a graph to allow for (much) faster comprehension for the readers (me). Having said that, I created a graph and posted it at to illustrate how it might have looked. Have a peek. 1 "high school versus college assignments"?
May set aside some class time for reading and econ homework help


Graph of the Week - Blog

The data visualization industry - like regular journalism - is rife with opinions, errors, logical fallacies, sensationalism and every other news-related aspect you can imagine. Just because there is a graph to go along with an article doesn't mean that the article has any more credibility than it had before. That being said, there are also amazing stories with rich, intuitive graphics that showcase good data visualization practices.

Therefore, I've created a section within which will contain my take on any topic related to the data visualization/infographic industry. Additionally, I'll throw in some techniques to shed a little light on how these types of articles are produced (including mine).

It's going to be an eye-opening, sometimes bumpy ride. Hop aboard! Gives you writing a tok essay a more solid academic foundation


The British are Coming!

Last month I wrote an for Statistics Views about Triple Crown horse racing - specifically, English Triple Crown racing. Did you know there was such a thing? As it turns out, it's quite popular and has been around for a LOT longer than American horse racing. It dates back to the 1700s whereas American horse racing, at least in Triple Crown format, didn't exist until the 20th century.

That being said, check out the - it reveals a possible explanation why the British winners are increasing in speed while the reverse is true for the American winners. Hint: synthetic surfaces. There is even some discussion about doping in there and how that's handled in each country (it's vastly different).

Like most of the graphs I create, they are originally generated in 'R' and then (sometimes greatly) enhanced using Illustrator. Enjoy! In college, academic online homework help expectations change from what you may have experienced in high school


David vs Goliath in a game of tennis.

Does David stand a chance? Tennis players are getting taller - much taller. How do the shorter players measure up? Click to find out. essay papers online

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