Feet in stirrups, laying on her back, a woman is sweating in a cold, cramped hospital room. Lightning from a howling storm illuminates her late-60's beehive hairdo now matted to her clammy forehead. Thunder shudders the room and with a final push and clenched-teeth grunt, she delivers Patrick.

Like Dr. Frankenstein bringing life to 'the monster', the fiendishly grinning doctor holds up the squirming baby and exclaims "It's alive!"


And thus it began.

That fateful night brought a precocious imp into the world - one who poked at every critter, chased every dog and wallowed in every mud hole.

From computer programming to mathematics to creative writing to graphic design, Patrick still yearns for more. Now a (mature?) adult, he has blossomed into a journalist, writer, statistician and graphic artist.

When not hunched over his desk pounding away at the keyboard, you can find him riding his bike, swing dancing to big bands or swimming laps in the pool.

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