Please Welcome Our Computer Overlords

aiOr not...

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, but enormous hurdles must be overcome to create 'true' AI. Being a former software engineer, I've tried my hand at creating simple AIs - ones that are no threat to the world, are simpletons, and generally have no desire other than to happily live out their digital lives inside a tiny digital box. However, it's quite difficult to do and once you try it, all of the problems we face in creating digital life comes to the forefront.

Here's another tidbit for you: the very best chess program in the world - you know, the ones that handily beat the world's best chess players - don't actually know how to play a lick of chess.

Want to know why? Click here to read all about it in my latest article, entitled "Artificial Intelligence: Solving the Chinese Room Argument".

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